• Hi anonymous, God bless you and I pray that someone will be able to advise you in your area.  There should be a Salvation Army in your area.  You may want to ask them to help you in any way they can.  They do have assistant workers there who may be able to steer you in the proper direction.  Depression is a horrible disease and it is difficult for those who have it to come straight out and ask for help. For that I commend you.  There should also be a crisis hot line in your area that one should be able to talk to. A lot of the workers on that line are well aware of services that can be tapped into.  If you have a religious association you belong to you may want to speak to the pastor about the situation you are in. I am a retired counsellor in Canada and aware of the support agencies that could be of assistance if you lived here.  Have you applied for social assistance through your State. Depression is a recognizable disability and you should qualify for assistance based on that.  Living without power or water for over two years should be unacceptable in any state.  There must be a non profit medical clinic that could assist you in finding a doctor to see you and prescribe the medication needed to help you through this funk as you stated.  If you could get help with that , I would be willing to offer my counselling support for free.  However, you need to address your medical  and living situation first.  If there is anyone reading this who lives in that state and could advise about places that could be of assistance to this person, I am sure he or she could sure use your help.  God loves you my friend and don’t be afraid to ask him for help.  Talk to him directly, tell him you really need his help.  Jesus said anything that is asked for in his name will be given.  Take him up on that offer.  You can reach him by calling him in the following fashion; In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. His direct line is never too busy for anyone who asks for help in his Son’s name.  God is a great listener, a great healer, a great counsellor and with him all things are possible.  Take care my new friend and know that you are in my prayers.  Papasmurf, A.K.A. Rick B.


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