• Hi Paula, sorry it took so long for someone to answer your call for help.  You see people on here reading comments seem only to answer the questions they feel comfortable answering.  When they feel their is a qwick fix to what is being ask they answer to the best of their ability.  Sometimes when questions such as yours come up, people move on without thinking about what can be done to help.  I too was one that passed over your question and for that I apologize.  I did that because I did not know what to say to help.  Then the Holy Spirit enlightened me and spoke directly to my heart and soul.  He reminded me that no man can have all the answers. God however does have the answer and it is well within his power to help.  He was there for his heart surgery and he is there for you now.  You need to talk to God directly and ask him in his son Jesus name for help. The bible teaches us that anything that is asked for in Jesus name shall be given. Take God up on that offer. Being your request  by saying the following words, In the name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit,  say Lord Jesus we could really use your help here and we ask in your name for help.   God loves mankind and made man in his own image. He gave man life with his own breath.  He love mankind so much that he sent his only son to die for us so we could be saved.  Jesus healed the sick and raised the dead all of the teaching he did while on earth was about love.   Ask him and then trust that he will grant your request for help.  God bless you and your family and know that you are in my prayers. Papasmurf, A.K.A. Rick B.


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