• Seriously, $5000 is all you feel your life is worth?  The thing about life insurance is that if your death was deemed a suicide they most likely not pay up any ways.  Being a law student, you should have figured that one out on your own.  If this causes you that much stress that you are not able to deal with debt, what do you think you  would do when you graduated law school?  It is a real world out there and maybe you should just drop the course for now, get a job, pay your debt and just maybe by then you would have matured enough and gained enough life experiences to go back to the course and actually have a chance of graduation and becoming a prominent lawyer. Nothing in life that is worth it come to people without a lot of hard work sweat and tears. Grow up butter cup. This may not be the help you expected to get but trust me someday you will want to thank me for the advice I gave you. Now pick yourself up, dust yourself off and not to be rude but get a whole new attitude. Papasmurf, A.K.A. Rick B.


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