• You are going to have to be very brave and a strong will. I don’t think quitting will solve your problem. Anxiety is a real issue, and no matter what the setting there’s going to be people. My first suggestion is that you contact the disability’s office in your college. Every school has one. It is better if you tell them your problem since they can help with getting extensions for assignments or making up exams. The office also has many resources to help you become a better student in spite of your condition, and some even provide therapy. I strongly urge you to inform the school. The hard part was getting into a school, and now that you are there, you owe it to yourself to finish. It may take you longer than most people but that’s trivial.

    My other suggestion is to talk about it. There are support groups and other students who suffer from anxiety like you do. You can always come here and talk with us, as well. A professional may help in this situation, maybe even medication. Please do not lose hope. Stay strong. You can do this. School isn’t easy for a lot of people and for a variety of reasons. Don’t let your own fears stand in the way. Seek help. We are all rooting for you. 🙂

    Keep me posted ….


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