There is only life …

Ronald de Jager

“Suicidal thoughts (and suicide) come from the (mis)belief that there would be some one who can enjoy the relief in some kind of afterlife, so death could be a solution for the painful life, and therefore life could be exchanged for death. But if there is only life, if there will be no ‘I’ in death who experiences the relief, then there is nothing to exchange. Then there is only the pain and sorrow for the ones who are left behind (and they may find out how to cope with that). How painful life may be, you have to cope with it. There is only life, it is all you have. Once the flame is blown out, it’s gone.
These words may not be welcomed by many, I guess. But I myself have gone through the gates of hell, so I know what I’m talking about. I have survived and more than that.”

Loving each other

Name: Terri Carlson Subject: loving each other Message: I know so many young people feel there is very little hope left in the world today. I’m here to let you know, its hiding. You just have to willing to look. Not to give up . I’m a firm believer...

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Suicide Alert

Angels, we need your help on the Angels Online Help Desk:   why can i find no help at all for a clean end?  i am alone and feel hopeless i am just a waste of space i just want to die This is my last hope, can anyone...

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Server Upgrade

We will be upgrading several of our servers and improving performance within the next hour. Service may be unavailable during this upgrade. Please contact us if you have any question. Admin @ Find Angel

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Tighten Security

Due to increasing spams, we have tighten our security system. If you encounter any problem or need any help, please send me a message (admin) or use the Contact form. Thank you for all your help, Angels! Admin @ Find Angel

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FBI: A Case of ‘Sextortion’

“The basic framework of the extortionist’s scheme was as cold as it was calculated: contact a young girl on a social networking site using a fake identity, gain her trust, extract some highly personal information, and then threaten to expose her intimate exchanges if she doesn’t assent to escalating...

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FBI Safe Online Surfing

Kids and teens love to use the Internet. But there are risks: online predators, identity thieves, cyber-bullies, and much more. The FBI has a new tool that can help. The new Safe Online Surfing, or SOS, website helps educate students in grades 3 through 8 about cyber safety. Through...

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