Angels Online (AOL) Help Desk

Angels Online (AOL) Help Desk

An important concept: you could receive help and provide help at the same time – helping others while improving yourself.


We help people to help you

Have you ever had this similar experience? – When you are down or in troubles, you receive a lot of care and valuable advice from your friends, which make you feel much better and help you solve your problems. We call them friends indeed. And Find Angel is here to send you this kind of friends.

We call them Angel Volunteers. They are from everywhere in this world, with a great diversity of experience. They won’t solve your problems for you. They are here to share their wisdom with you, to give you encouragement and inspiration, and to be your friends indeed.


We help you to help others

Have you ever had this similar experience? – After you explain to others what you have known, you find out that you have a deeper and further understanding of this matter. This is because by using it and contemplating it, you adjusted, consolidated and expanded your thoughts and idea.

Therefore, as an Angel Volunteer, you are helping others, while improving yourself.


How it works

FindAngel is an expandable platform with comprehensive build-in functions/modules dedicated to help you improve yourself while helping others at the same time. You are provided valuable information and handy tools. Helping others has never been so easy!


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Think of giving not as a duty but as a privilege!


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