Find Angel – Attitude

Find Angel is a important concept and positive attitude towards life.


To Find Angel within you

  • To awaken the attendant spirit inside you – to serve, to give, to care, to love, to contribute to the common good … to cast light and warm glow like the Sun!
  • To be a guardian – to protect the young and vulnerable, those you love and care, those physically or mentally challenged; to protect the environment; to fight again evil … to be a hero/heroine!
  • To be a messenger – to teach, to guide, to convey, to share your positive experiences/knowledges, to inspire … to praise life!

To Find Angels around you

  • To find and appreciate all the beautiful things around you!
  • To find advisers, teachers, role models, and true friends from diverse people around you!
  • To find help and assistance from others and the society when you need it!
  • To reach for and help those who are fallen and those who have gone adrift!

A Global Online School and Library

Find Angel is dedicated to provide the tools and guidance for you to accomplish this. You can regard Find Angel as a global online school, in which people are both teachers and students. You can give guidance to others when they are in the situations you are familiar with, while you can get help, advice and suggestions when you are lost.

At the same time, Find Angel is devoted to store all these experiences and knowledges for the reference of anyone in this world and the future generations. Therefore, Find Angel is also a global online library for Life Experiences and Knowledges.

We Help People to Help You, We Help You to Help Others
We Collect Life Experiences for You to Experience Life

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Think of giving not as a duty but as a privilege!


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